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FLC 900 Clean

H1 cleaning spray

ELKALUB FLC 900 Clean is a special cleaner primarily used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The odourless cleaning spray has a high dissolving power and evaporates without residue in a short time.
ELKALUB FLC 900 Clean can be used for temporary lubrication of rubber.
ELKALUB FLC 900 Clean removes residues of oils, greases, waxes, corrosion inhibitors, fresh paint residues and dirt.
Registration no. (H1): 147542


Viscosity at 40 ° C (active substance)
0 mm²/s
  • beverages
  • drive technology
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Pharma & Medicine
  • plant construction
  • print
  • Min temperature
    0 °C
    Max temperature
    0 °C
  • 400 ml of aerosol