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FLC 804

Drip free adhesive spray

ELKALUB FLC 804 is an oil spray based on high grade white- and synthesis oils containing high-performance additives. The lubricating film has a good spreading capability and protects against corrosion. It has excellent boundary lubrication properties and is very adhesive and resistant to centrifugation up to 80 °C.
ELKALUB FLC 804 is recommended for usage in hinges, joints, heavy drive chains, cams, cam discs, open gears, guides and spindles.
ELKALUB FLC 804 acts silencing. Due to the prompt evaporation of the solvent a fast and drip free application on vertical points of lubrication is possible.


mineral oil
Viscosity at 40 ° C (active substance)
6000 mm²/s
  • Automotive
  • bearing manufacturer
  • drive technology
  • Furniture
  • plant construction
  • Power Tools
  • Wood
  • Min temperature
    -20 °C
    Max temperature
    100 °C
  • 150 ml of aerosol
  • 400 ml of aerosol