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FLC 675 R+S

Chain cleaning spray

ELKALUB FLC 675 R+S is a thin special product for the cleaning of encrustations and deposits of lubricants in machine parts, gears and lubricant-containing construction parts. In many cases the parts need not be dismantled. It leaves a very thin film on the cleaned parts, which is, however, very adhesive and resistant to pressure. This film protects and lubricates the chain until final lubrication becomes effective.
ELKALUB FLC 675 R+S is preferably used for the lubrication of chains (prescribed by manroland for the sheetfed printing presses) and also for power units, which are to be repaired.
ELKALUB FLC 675 R+S is NSF H1-approved and is therefore suited for environments with incidental food contact.
The cleaning agent is available in liquid form also.


Viscosity at 40 ° C (active substance)
1 mm²/s
  • Automotive
  • bearing manufacturer
  • beverages
  • drive technology
  • Food
  • Furniture
  • Pharma & Medicine
  • plant construction
  • Power Tools
  • print
  • Wood
  • Min temperature
    0 °C
    Max temperature
    0 °C
  • 400 ml of aerosol
  • 5 l canister