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FLC 3010

H1 oil spray

ELKALUB FLC 3010 is a partly synthetic oil spray which creeps extremely well into fits and joints where it lubricates reliably. The film protecting against corrosion offers a good protection against wear. ELKALUB FLC 3010 is recommended for a temperature range from -20 °C up to +120 °C. ELKALUB FLC 3010 possesses the H1-approval under NSF Registration no. (H1) 126162.
Examples for application:
Foil transport chains, transmission chains, joints, hinges, bearings, slideways.
For areas where there is a larger impact of water, vapour, acids and alkalis (ph-range 2-11 at 50 °C) we recommend our grease spray with H1 approval ELKALUB FLC 367.


White oil
Viscosity at 40 ° C (active substance)
68 mm²/s
  • beverages
  • drive technology
  • Food
  • Pharma & Medicine
  • plant construction
  • Min temperature
    -20 °C
    Max temperature
    120 °C
  • 400 ml of aerosol